Ingredients and Spices for a Perfect Cup of Chai

Where does Chai come from?

Having its origins from the resplendent state of Assam, India, Chai is the go-to drink for every individual in the home country. It has been spreading its roots all across the world as one of the most sought after healthy beverages. It is not just a cup of drink but an emotion that connects people, sharing the warmth and brimming with contentment. This typical feeling of fervour comes from the magical mix of spices used in making the perfect cup of Chai to cherish with your loved one’s company, or maybe your own!

The classic combination of chai ingredients that go into making a cup of warmth are Tea leaves, milk, sugar or any other sweetener, topping it off with some Chai Spices. It is the assortment of each of the spices that renders an intense flavour to a usual cup of tea.


Chai Buddy Chai Spices

Chai Spices and their Benefits:

Spices are to Chai what Popcorns are to Movies. You cannot enjoy one without having the other. Thus, to mesh your sense with the brilliance of a good cup of Chai, here’s a list of chai spices that might just do you magic:

  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Fennel Seeds

Let’s dive into how these chai spices have heaps of flavourful and health qualities:


Ginger is essentially a flowering plant; however, it is the Ginger root that has an unending history of being used as a medicinal herb in traditional health care techniques.


Health Benefits of Ginger:

Rich in vitamin-C and several minerals, ginger root is a must add to your hot brewing cup of Ginger Chai. The herbal medicinal plant is considered as an effective immunity booster. Ginger has volatile oils possessing anti-inflammatory characteristics which acts as a remedy

for joint and muscle pains. The vitamins and amino acids in a ginger root facilitate an improved blood circulation and the risk of cardiovascular problems heads south. To top of the chart, a major health benefit of ginger is that it helps in curbing stress.

Ginger in Chai

By adding it in a cup of tea, you can also enjoy the typical Ginger flavour in your Chai! It renders a pungent yet sweet taste to your otherwise basic Chai.


A staple ingredient for Tibetan medicine culture, Cardamom is famously known as ‘Elaichi’. It is one of the most ancient spices made from the seeds of plants native to India.


Health Benefits of Cardamom:

It is nutrient rich and acts as an anti-oxidant for the body. Known to keep bacterial growth at bay, it helps in maintaining a good oral health. A natural carminative, cardamom is beneficial in treating intestinal spasms and come across as a digestive aid. Cardamom also helps in clearing up your everyday common cold and relieve sinuses, thereby detoxifying the body.

Cardamom in Chai

Cardamom adds a sweet aroma to the Chai to lend a vibrant taste to the Chai. Cardamom has a complex taste. When added to a brewing cup of Chai, it gives a citrus like taste, somewhat sweet and somewhat spicy.


Coming from the aromatic flower buds of the clove tree, it is a versatile spice handpicked in their brown colour.


Health benefits of Cloves:

Cloves ‘healthify’ the Chai ordeal in more ways than you can imagine. Used for over two millenniums as a homeopathic medicinal herb for its germicidal properties to keep teeth and gums healthy, Cloves are enriched in antiseptic and metabolic attributes. The perfect substitute for chemical skin products, Cloves improve blood circulation to remove dead skin cells and give you a radiating skin and fight off acne. A tinge of it to your daily cup of tea and you can feel a youthful glow in your skin over time!

Cloves in Chai:

Responsible for the overwhelming musty flavour, it is the spice famously known for its spicy warmth in hot beverages, especially Chai!


Cinnamon is a spice coming from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It is essentially used as a condiment for aroma and taste in various dishes and beverages, commonly known as ‘Dalchini’.


Health Benefits of Cinnamon:

Cinnamon spice has various health benefits trailing it. The spice is proven to have a worthwhile effects on brain health. It protects the neurons and helps in release of dopamine which further facilitates a healthy mental functioning. Cinnamon is high in its anti-occidental properties and protects the body from chronic diseases like heart attack or cancer.

Cinnamon in Chai:

Cinnamon adds a sweet taste to your regular cup of chai. Its rich and pungent taste is a must add ingredient especially while making masala chai!


Coming from a tree native to Indonesia, Nutmeg is the ground spice used as a commercial source for essential oils and nutmeg butter.


Health Benefits of Nutmeg:

 The tropical spice is an excellent aphrodisiac and vitalizes our nerve cells in the brain, uplifting a dull mood.  An organic element to the centuries old traditional methods to induce sleep, nutmeg is considered to be highly effective. Add it to your habitual cup of tea and wave a good bye to the sleepless nights!

Nutmeg in Chai:

Nutmeg is the perfect spice to spruce up your savoury cup of Chai and add a nutty aromatic taste to it with a warm, sweet taste.

Fennel Seeds:

Popularly known as ‘Saunf’, fennel seeds are actually a part of the carrot family. It is cultivated widely for its edible, strongly flavoured leaves.

Fennel Seeds

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

The seed for a long life as believed by the Greeks, Fennel seeds are a miraculous ingredient for deathly period cramps and is a pain reliever. It is also known to keep blood sugar levels in check. Not just that, it has been claimed by researchers that fennel seeds in a cup of tea is like a “Fountain of Youth.”

Fennel Seeds in Chai:

The potent fragrance of a warm brewing cup of Chai is the courtesy of Fennel seeds. With their liquorice-like taste, Fennel seeds render a slightly sweet taste to a warm cup of Chai.

Essence of Spices in Chai:

A speech is applauded if the words used to construct it are emphatic. Similarly, the makeup of a good cup of tea is dependent upon the ingredients used while making it. For most people across the world, Chai/Tea is as ingrained in their lives as eating or sleeping. It possesses the power to influence and set the mood for the day. It is a morning energizer, and an evening calmer. The use of just the right flavours and the warmth of the cup takes no time to reach your heart. A spicy aroma making your heart beast faster or a sweet, saccharine flavour to bring a smile to your face, Chai works wonders when made with the intricacy of choosing the right spices fit for you.




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