Does Chai Tea Latte have caffeine?

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Today we answer the burning question : Does Chai tea latte have caffeine?

Have you been wondering if Chai Tea is okay to consume before bed? We hear you. In simple words, Chai does contain caffeine. However, if it will affect your sleep depends on the way the Chai is prepared. Firstly, we would like to clarify, Chai means tea so Chai tea literally means tea tea. So here on, Chai tea will be referred to as Chai.

Let’s begin by understanding the ingredients of Chai. Chai contains assam/darjeeling black tea along with spices. Chai Buddy Australia is a unique blend of Assam tea and 5 spices. These spices include Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger root, Peppercorn and Cloves. These spices differ depending on the brand of Chai you buy. It is also dependent on whether you are using Sticky Chai, which includes honey or agave syrup. 

Caffeine content in tea varies depending on the type of tea, the brewing and steeping time. One cup of Chai Buddy Chai contains between 20 g and 100 g of caffeine. The spices on their own do not affect the amount of caffeine in Chai. An average cup of coffee contains 120 grams of caffeine. If you compare these two, it is understandable why Chai is considered a better choice of drink for afternoons.

If the Chai is brewed for longer periods of time, like it is in many Indian households, this increases the caffeine content. This is why in India, Chai is a common drink for the mornings as well. In fact a large percentage of Indians consume small quantities of Chai throughout the day, averaging at 4 cups a day. Yeah, you read that right. But this way you get to enjoy small doses of caffeine as well as the taste of the drink. 

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