Indian snacks to have with Chai

Chai is not just a drink, it is a cup that brings hearts together. It embodies the warm spirit of family and affection associated with it. It brings a sense of joy with it that washes over you as you take every sip from a warm brewed cup. However, the traditionally Indian drink, which is the highlight of the evening unwind in any Indian family is accompanied with some equally delicious and savoury snacks. The yummy sides complementing the relaxing cup of classic Masala Chai are what the day’s exhaustion and work, worth the wait, making the whole experience even more joyful. After all, what brings us the most happiness? Chai! Yes yes, Food too!

  1. SAMOSA:


The insanely famous snack item, Samosa is the most beloved choice of them all. The crispy and crunchy crust with veggies and potato filled inside, Samosa’s can make your stomach tumble into hunger any time. You can even customise the filling according to your tastes!



Craving for something crunchy and mouth freshening? Grab a packet of bhel mixture and you got yourself a treat! Typically made with puffed rice, freshly chopped veggies, and lemon juice for a tangy flavour, peanuts, sev and some chutney for a treat to your taste buds. The whole dish is health friendly so have as much as you relish!





The infamous pakoras are one of the most versatile dishes that can be relished with your warm evening Masala Chai. Also known as ‘Fritters’, these little flavoured delicacies can be made with literally any vegetable or even meat, and relished with a tangy or sweet Chutney, depending on what appeals your taste. Dip into your favourite sauce and experience the joy with your cup of Chai on a rainy day.


  1. BHUJIA:


The crispy, small, light and flavourful snack, made with gram flour, moth beans and spices share a long and intimate friendship with Chai. With their crunch and flavour consistency, you cannot resist yourself from having this delightful snack. They come in different sizes and flavours for you to choose from, with the tiny golden joys that will fill your stomach and your heart!


  1. LADDOO:


These sphere-shaped balls of sweetness are a complete package of taste and the happiness that follows. For someone with a sweet tooth, laddoos are an absolute delight to have. Usually made from flour, oil/butter and sugar or jaggery, once you let your mouth taste one, you will find yourself guilty of not stopping. You can easily make them at home, with ingredients of your customisation! Coconut and Fenugreek laddoos are healthier options if you want to keep your fitness in mind while at the same time not miss on relishing the sweetness of the delicacy!




Extremely simple to make and woefully delicious, cutlets will add the element of spice with the pungent masala’s used. Make them with vegetables, or anything of your choice; bake them or fry, these crumb coated delights when served hot with a chutney or schezwan sauce are a treat for your tongue. Add some soya granules and broccoli for great texture and health perks because why not?


  1. VADA PAO:


The infamous dish of Mumbaikars is reaching heights of popularity among foodies with its authentic taste and perfect complementarity to Chai. These are gram coated, spice mashed potato balls, sandwiched between two slices of pao or bread, served with some spicy red chutney or sauce. Also known as “common man’s burger” in the busy streets of Mumbai, once you taste this simple yet savoury dish, coupled with a warm cup of Chai, you will add it to your party menu for a friend or family get-together for sure!




Making the authentic Gujarati dhokla might seem like a task when you try it at first. However, there is no reason you should be left inexperienced of the amazingly yummy taste of it. Usually made with fermented batter of rice or black lentils, dhoklas make the perfect healthy snack to enjoy with your chai. Get some bread, some mustard seeds and other masalas and voila! You can enjoy the taste of a western, instant dhokla.


Chai in itself is a relaxing drink but when paired with some delicious snacks, it will give you a sense of completeness and fill your heart with wholesomeness, and fun. They are perfect to have a catch up with friends at your house or even on days when you want to enjoy some self-love time on cosy evenings.

For recipes about more such delicious Chai time snacks, visit our website.

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