Is Chai better than Coffee?

The world has been dominated by two of the popular drinks- Coffee and Chai, with a perpetual competition between which is better. From waking up every morning and starting the day with a brewing cup of Chai or Coffee, both these beverages are something people cannot imagine living a day without. Whether it is to relax after a stressful day at work or if you need to get your mind going, Chai and Coffee are something you subconsciously rely on, depending upon what appeals your taste buds. However, the debate for choosing which among the two beloved drinks is the winner is never ending. Nevertheless, We at Chai Buddy believe as much as coffee might be the gen-z drink to go, Chai is what will fill your heart, which is why we explore Why Chai is a better choice than Coffee and here is what we have so far to influence you into thinking about changing sides!

Chai is the one holding the trophy here when you compare the richness of antioxidant content in both the drinks. It is loaded with antioxidant properties to protect body against disease causing viruses and bacteria. Also, the herbs with the highest anti-oxidant levels, namely Cloves and Cinnamon are a major ingredient in Chai, making your skin feel rejuvenated and slow aging. Even though Coffee does have anti-oxidants, the amount varies to be significantly less than found in Chai.
Coffee is known to make you feel full and thus increase your metabolic processes. But hold on before you make any judgement! Chai not only does improve your metabolism, it aids in smoother digestion and is an excellent fat burner. The black tea in Chai combined with Cinnamon might help in reducing calorie intake and promoting fat burn. Who knew your favourite drink could also help you achieve those fitness goals?
The major reason coffee is preferred usually is because of the amount of caffeine present in it which enhances alertness, improves mood and elevates your energy levels. However, too much caffeine is harmful for your health and might lead to problems like high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety etc. Chai, on the other hand, has caffeine with considerably lower levels. It is filled with ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger etc. which help in controlling the blood pressure and relieving anxiety. Some even say that you can drink as much as three cups of chai for every single cup of coffee.
Coffee is considered to be energising and when brewed at high temperature, the caffeine in it releases cortisol which might cause stress levels to rise. Nutmeg added in Chai is considered to be an anti-depressant. It regulates the two feel-good hormones in our body- Serotonin and Dopamine. Rich in anti-oxidants, Chai plays a healthy role in combating anxiety and has been proven to be good for brain to maintain good mental health and remain stress free.
Even though both the beverages have their own tempting tastes, at the end it all comes down to what seems to be a better choice for you! Chai and Coffee each have their health benefits as well as side effects but nothing can tarnish the love for them in the hearts of people, brewing since eternity.
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