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In today’s dynamic world where people are self-aware and have an ardent passion for their talent and beliefs, all it requires is grit, independence of thought and a little effort to tap into the entrepreneurial mind-set and create a small business. These small businesses are developed with utmost intimacy, care and pushed through by the zeal and efforts of small-business owners. By providing a wide range of products and services, small-businesses carve a niche for their product and themselves by establishing a brand name in itself. However, setting up a business as an immigrant is even more demanding than it seems, to relate and identify with the needs of the consumers and build a label. Some of these enterprising South Asians who have created a brand for themselves as Australian Local Businesses.

1. JOON CO. :

    The garment store provides one of the most aesthetically pleasing collection of sustainable South Asian Fashion in Australia. The word ‘Joon’, which means “Life”, finds its origins from Punjabi and serves the purpose of offering a vibrant new life to your apparel! The local business venture is the brainchild of Prebhjot, who is dedicated towards creating an eco-friendly and accessible closet to help solve the dilemma of finding the right clothing at the right time. They try to lessen the ecological impression of South Asian pieces of clothing, at every possible opportunity. Not just this, Joon Co. takes proactive steps to add to the business aptitude and improvement of under-represented and marginalised women in South India through their social undertaking collaborations.
    Visit their website to get hands on the beautiful and sustainable South Asian Apparel and Jewellery at


      Who doesn’t want to indulge in a good self-care every once in a while? The Bliss Collective makes it easier and worth it for you to take some time out and pamper yourself. The online small business offers self-care skin range is designed by power couple Samir and Tasha Sana. Inside their parcels you can discover little treasures from emerging and premium brands which are the perfect ingredients for a self-pampering day. The rejuvenating skin masks lend a vibrant touch to a tired day. The products are loved for their inherent quality to nourish the skin. Not just this, the product parcels are the perfect gifting item to show your love towards people who you care about!
      Grab the premium skincare merchandise by The Bliss Collective at


      Last minute event and the theme is traditional? Well, Shimmer Bazaar comes to your rescue with its premium range of jewellery, fashion and makeup all in one place. Curated by entrepreneurs Shimona Rastogi and Neil Baksi, Shimmer Bazaar aspires to be a leading shopping destination for makeup, jewellery and fashion for the South Asian community in Australia, by providing an online beauty hub experience like no other, but believes in inclusivity and thus, the collection is open for anyone and everyone in want for an aesthetic and beautiful range of products.
      Discover the shimmery collection at

      4. BY AZAL:

      By Azal stems from the entrepreneur Azal’s love of designing beautiful things for women like her- mindful and modern. The love for art and design is intricately reflected in the products. The jewellery comes from a Pakistani and Indian heritage and hand-crafted in a sustainable way, by artisans under fair trade organizations or small family businesses to encourage socio-economic development. The store also has a beautiful collection of hand-printed and embroidered clothing products that are a must have for a subtle fashion statement.
      Shop from the online business at


      ‘Rani’ is a Hindi word which means ‘Queen’. Bringing the meaning to life, Rani Collection Sydney makes sure every piece of jewellery you adorn brings out the queen in you. After being frustrated with not finding traditional Indian Jewellery in Australia, Rani Collection Sydney was created to rescue the want for premium artistic Indian ornaments at affordable prices. The bridal collection and traditional Indian pieces are an eye-catch for any to-be-bride!
      Grab your hands on their collection at

      6. MEERA:

      Meera is a Sydney based clothing brand curated by Poornima Sharma which brings to its customers a graceful collection of aesthetic Indian couture. The clothing is a rich blend of traditional silhouettes blended in a contemporary style to compliment the beauty and strength of a modern women. The men’s collection is exquisitely made to display the traditional rugged yet royal look. The collection is handcrafted and made with the goal to not just look beautiful but also feel beautiful and aesthetic. The cloth material used is sustainable, skin friendly and is designed to suit the comfort.
      Visit their website at to shop the collection.

      7. HUMANISM:

      Originating from South India, Humanism is a start-up with the vision to provide for an inclusive and independent space of earning to marginalised people. This business venture with philanthropy as its essence partners with organizations and create ethical event merchandise like tote bags, t-shirts, lanyards, face masks etc. The social enterprise uses organic cotton to prepare the products, handcrafted and printed by women artisans. Each product is filled with love, taking each step towards an equitable world.
      Get your hands on their sustainable collection at


      Local Small-Businesses form a huge part of the economy and employability. Spending on lavish brands might seem uber-cool but backing local entrepreneurs builds a spirit of community apart from the numerous other benefits that are entailed with it. Here’s why you should support locally owned small-businesses:

      1. Unique and Personalised Products:

      Every local entrepreneur has carefully crafted their products with a piece of their own heart and soul into it. Since the community is same, there is a sense of belongingness with a tinge of uniqueness. The products offered by them are curated with a major purpose to provide satisfaction to the community, bringing out the value of home and intimacy associated with it.

      2. Environmental Impact:

      Small Local businesses are economical as they usually have a store within the close knit city premises or sometimes even built in their own homes. The customers can access and purchase products through online platforms or websites. This plays a huge role in keeping environmental hazards and pollution through an otherwise busy and hectic commute, into check. It also reduces the carbon footprint as the products are usually made in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

      3. Local Relationships:

      Local businesses don’t only build a stronger economy — they also build a stronger community. Relationships between small businesses are important in creating a cohesive, welcoming community identity, with businesses supporting each other. The diversity of local businesses is a reflection of the diversity of the community that creates them. The people who live and work at local businesses spend their money locally, and local businesses are also more likely than big businesses to shop locally in turn. 

      4. Product Diversity:

      Small local entrepreneurs focus on channelizing their talents and personal interests in integration with the needs of the customers. As such, some open a bakery, or a jewellery or an apparel line each with an exclusivity of its own. This provides the consumers with a wide range of choices. Local businesses often hire people with more specific product expertise for better customer service.
      “Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.” - Matt Kliegman, co-founder The Smile, The Smile To Go, Black Seed Bagels, via Forbes.
      You can also support locally owned businesses by visiting their stores in your area or their websites, look for hashtags like #supportlocal #shoplocal #smallbusiness etc. on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
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