Yoga Retreats in and near Melbourne for the Perfect Weekend Getaway!



 Here is a list of retreats you could head to in and around Melbourne-


Wellness with Sayaka is a place you would want to go for if you are in need of balancing all spheres of your life. With a holistic blend of elements focussed on nourishing both physical and mental wellbeing, at Wellness with Sayaka, you will experience your awareness coming back to yourself in a profound way. Not just a get-away, you will also learn ways to integrate wellness practices and manage stress in your daily life when you come back. Apart from the signature Wellness Retreat, you can also opt for an exclusive retreat programme designed specifically to suit your needs and detox your own way.
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The name is sufficient in itself to justify their vision- Wellbeing Health Retreats wonderfully integrate the calming advantages of a meditation retreat with the physical balancing of Yoga. With a holistic approach towards revitalizing health by unplugging you from your routine and monotony, the people at WHR focus on aligning the four health aspects. After spending some time at the regenerative retreats provided by them, you will find your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. WHR provide two wellbeing retreat options - 3-day and 7-day Retreats at the scenic location of The Healing Sanctuary, St. Andrews Beach.


One Heart believes in the unity and divinity of human life. Their vision is to connect you to your deepest calling through an infusion of Yoga practice, mindful movement, sitting and walking meditation, Yoga nidra and sound practices. The Retreat provides a special platform for deep listening, linking your emotional exploration with spiritual awakening. This retreat is ideal for the individuals who have some yoga experience and need to coordinate their inner practice with their daily life. A unique quality of the Retreat is that it is conducted mostly in silence to enable a nourishing inner journey. The retreats are of a 3-day duration with a limited slot.
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With their motto of ‘Wise Body, Wide Heart, Steady Mind’, Vijnana Yoga Australia not just mentors people in Yogic practices and Zen lifestyle but also offer exciting Retreats to enable a relaxation and recovery time for people. The retreats usually involve four aspects of yoga practice- Sitting, Pranayama, Asana and Study. The aim is to provide a safe inner space to feelings and perspectives, and rejuvenate the spirit with new energy. The retreat is especially designed for students to regenerate exhaustion and help gain a clear intention.
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The Yoga Space Melbourne embraces yoga with a holistic approach with an attempt to expand and incorporate it into daily lives. They envision creating a space where all feel welcome, can connect with themselves and raise themselves to a level of awareness, peace and mindfulness in their lives. The weekend long True Nature Retreat curated by the organization is an immersive and joyful experience in all its essence. Inclusive of meditation, walks, self-reflective exercises and of course-Yoga, the True Nature Retreat could not be a better way to spend your weekend with your own self or even with family.
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Isolating you from routine monotony and urging you to discover harmony inside, Samadhi's oriental styling will make you experience true bliss. A demonstration of its Eastern way of thinking roots, Samadhi champions care and reflection as the way ahead, in ways that are not conformed to the typical modern day practices for example, reiki, sound healing, art therapy and guided perceptions. Samadhi focusses on energising, nurturing and transforming you in a spiritually wholesome journey. A unique element you will find at Samadhi is that you are free to opt for the wellness treatment of your choice among a variety of range.
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Abide is your ideal getaway when needing a break from your bustling working life or a difference in scene. The retreat is an asylum encircled by land of dazzling gardens and terrific scenic beauty. It offers an immense range of therapies committed to improving your wellbeing and leading you to a prosperous way of life. Abide Wellness Retreat is dedicated to help you relax, soothe, and nourish yourself. You can participate in gardening workshops and book in for a scope of activities to help you de-stress and recharge your batteries. The retreat is popular for its integrative approach towards medical patients and help them in recovery process.
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With the hectic schedules of everyday life filled with career commitments, balancing family and work and planning for the future, you often lose yourself in the process and forget to make time for some very necessary self-care time. Fret not, for one of the ways you can treat yourself and in fact your loved ones with some relaxing time to de-stress and unwind is by heading to a nearby yoga retreat!


It is always exciting to learn something new and what better way to do that than on a get-away. Yoga Retreats essentially involve daily yogic, ayurvedic and meditation practices which helps in creating self-awareness and mindfulness. With numerous health benefits that are entailed with Yoga, it also makes you feel alive and helps you connect with your passions and interests.


Yoga Retreats are the best way to sit back and unwind. The healthy food and drinks cleanse your body from inside and rejuvenate you internally. The daily Yoga and meditation gets you in touch with your emotions and thoughts in a nurturing ambience. You are bound to feel recharged, inspired and alive after spending some silent time with yourself on these retreats.


Away from the hustle and bustle of your workaholic lifestyle, Yoga Retreats help you look away from your screens and look at the world with a fresh eyes. Spending some relaxation time in nature with your focus on self-improvement builds a positivity and affirmations around you, nourishing your mind and your ability to look at the diverse, beautiful world and immerse yourself completely in the different cultures it has to offer.


Gifting yourself some quality time on a Yoga Retreat makes you more mindful. The breathing exercises and meditation incorporated in the retreats are likely to make you feel more grateful towards life, something which has been considered as a pathway to a better quality of life. Consciously taking time out of your regular routine and allow yourself to be in the presence of nature, practicing a healthy and calm lifestyle helps in gaining perspective.


It is always incredible to meet new people with like-minded interests as you. Now, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram might be more than enough to make connections but they might sometimes feel superficial. When you meet people on a retreat, you connect with them on a spiritual level. Each person on a Yoga Retreat is there to learn and grow, a goal which is shared. You might never know when you encounter a stranger on these retreats who could turn into a lifelong friend.
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