The Chai Buddy Story

Chai Buddy was created by Diva, an immigrant brown woman who first came to Australia to pursue her undergrad education. Diva like most Indians would drink an average of 3 cups of chai in India. But when she arrived in Australia, she couldn't find the flavoursome Chai that she had grown up drinking. She looked and searched through the cafes of Melbourne, but the chai she loved was no where to be found. What she did find instead, was unauthentic lightly spiced milk created by Non-South Asian folk being sold in the name of Chai!



Disheartened by the lack of real chai and appropriation of the drink, she decided to change the Australian chai story. She created Chai Buddy Australia with a mission to introduce to Australia the wonders of Chai that India, drinks and breathes.



Diva has spent several months curating chai buddy blends so that our customers always receive a consistent cup of good Chai, or as we like to call it, Happiness in a cup. We believe in giving back to where we come from, Chai Buddy has committed to donating 5% of all sales to 'Make a Difference', a charity in India that supports and provides education to under-privileged children in India.




We are so grateful that you are interested to understand our chai rituals and are willing to experience a part of our culture that’s dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy our chai blends and thank you for supporting us!

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