Decaf Original Blend

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Our original five-spice masala chai blend is now caffeine free!

Our five spice blend has been coupled with a deliciously unique Organic Rooibos tea that is native to South Africa and are hand-harvested annually in the South African summertime (January to March). Rooibos tea has a mild earthy flavour and distinctly sweet notes of honey, vanilla and a lot of goodness.

Our Original Decaf Chai is brewed exactly like our Original Chai Blend. Simply add one heaped tablespoon of our Original Decaf Chai to your teapot with water and your choice of milk, and brew on low for a few minutes or until the chai has reached that warm brown chai colour. Use a strainer to strain in to a cup, and it's ready to drink!

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100g packs can make approximately 20 cups of chai

250g packs can make approximately 50 cups of chai

500g packs can make approximately 100 cups of chai

Our decaf chai recipe: Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves and Chai Spices (Cinnamon, Cloves, Black peppercorn, Cardamom , Dried Ginger).

Customer Reviews

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The original is fab! This is Fabber!

Totally delightful! These gals have nailed it again! This is my new favourite blend! So delicious. Well balanced, I really like the Roibos it allows the masala to shine through without being lost!

6/5 if I could!

Hi Nick, thank you so much for being a loyal customer! We're so happy to know you liked the new blend :D