Sticky Chai

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Our original five-spice masala chai blend is now infused with pure Australian honey!

Our five spice blend has been coupled with a deep bodied Assam CTC black tea sourced directly from the valleys of Assam where the low elevation but swampy and humid conditions makes it ideal for the perfect for masala chai with a thick mouthfeel. Our original five-spice masala chai blend has been formulated and balanced to perfection by our Co-Founder, Diva, over several months to try and bring us back to our loving childhood memories and take you to the streets of India. 

Our Sticky Chai is great if you have a home espresso machine and are looking to make a milky, latte-style chai that tastes like real Indian chai - NOT just spiced milk. Simply add two heaped teaspoons of our Sticky Chai to your milk jug, add your choice of milk (we found Soy Milk works amazing with this!), and foam using the steam wand on your machine. Use a strainer to strain in to a cup, and it's ready to drink!

As this already has honey in it, we think it's sweet enough, but if you like things extra sweet, add a little sugar.

Our Sticky Chai can also be prepared in a teapot. Just like with your espresso machine, add two heaped teaspoons of our Sticky Chai to your pot with one mug of your choice of milk, and brew on low for a 2-3 minutes or until the chai is hot and has reached that warm brown chai colour. Use a strainer to strain in to a cup, and it's ready to drink!

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100g packs can make approximately 6 cups of chai

250g packs can make approximately 15 cups of chai

500g packs can make approximately 30 cups of chai

Our sticky chai recipe: Black Tea Leaves, Chai Spices (Cinnamon, Cloves, Black peppercorn, Cardamom , Dried Ginger) and raw honey. 

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